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2019 Mid-Autumn Festival of Geshang New Energy

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As one of the four traditional festivals in China, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a time to miss our homeland and relatives, as well as a praying for harvest, happiness and reunion. On the eve of the festival, Geshang also prepared a series of celebrations, and sent the our wishes to the colleagues who were born in September.

Geshang New Energy

Pre-activity Plan

On September 12, the eve of Mid-Autumn Festival, the Management Team planned and organized this activity, aiming to enrich staff life, enhance corporate culture and strengthen team cohesion. Our celebrations opens at 3:00 p.m. in  the company staff activity room at a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. According to the pre-activity plan, we have prepared plenty of snacks for the staff.  And finally, the activity officially began accompanied with the light music.

Geshang New Energy

Activity Process

Our Mid-Autumn Festival activity process can roughly be divided into: 

Opening Speech - Various Games - Exquisite Gifts - September Birthday Celebration - Ending Words and Vision - Distribution of Moon Cake - Group Photos - Activity Room Cleaning

Geshang New Energy

Significance of Activity 

This event is the biggest and most formal celebration since the establishment of Chongqing Geshang New Energy, which is highly valued by the company's management. Through this activity, the cohesion of the whole team was further strengthened. In the whole process, various departments cooperated with each other to ensure this celebration successful. After the event, we also put forward a new vision for the whole company. In the future, we will hold more activities to build a large family together.

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