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All About Battery Chargers

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With the improvement of science and technology, electronic products have been very common in our daily life, such as laptops, mobile phones, electronic watches and electronic toothbrushes and so on. Therefore, the importance of the power charger is easy to see. However, most people have little knowledge about the battery charger so that they will encounter some problems when they use it. Thus, I intend to share some knowledge about the power charger, expecting to help you to some extent. 

Power Charger

Power charger is a machine using the high-frequency power supply technology. It also uses advanced intelligent dynamic adjustment technology to adjust the charging technology. The battery charger realizes the optimized Wsa+Pulse charging characteristic curve by means of computer control technology. Charging current decreases automatically with the increase of charging voltage of the battery. Combining with the pulse charging mode at the end of charging, the charging effect is more ideal. The principle of capacity balance is used to judge the adequacy of the battery charger to ensure the adequacy of storage battery. In addition, charging also has the function of dynamic tracking and adjustment of charging parameters and perfect protection function.


Battery chargers can be divided into power frequency machine and high frequency machine according to the working frequency of the designed circuit. The power frequency machine is designed based on the traditional analog circuit principle, and the internal power components of the machine are larger. Generally, there is less noise when the load is large, but the resistance of the model is strong in the harsh environment. The high frequency machine takes the microprocessor as the processing control center, records the complicated hardware analog circuit into the microprocessor, and controls the operation of UPS by the way of software program.

Power Frequency Machine

Working Condition

First, the working altitude should not exceed 2000 meters and the ambient medium temperature should be not higher than 40℃ and not lower than -10℃. 

Second, relative humidity of air should be not more than 85% and the air should not contain gas or steam which can corrode the metal.

Third, it should be used in a place free of conductive dust and free from explosive hazards.

Moreover, there should be no rain or snow and no violent vibration and impact.


First, its working principle is simple, but the size of input-output transformer is large. Second, the output filter used for eliminating high order harmonics is large in size, and transformers are easy to produce audio noise. What is more, the dynamic response performance to the changes of load and electricity is poor and the efficiency is low. 

High Frequency Machine


The high frequency machine is reliable. The world famous charger manufacturers take the high frequency as the absolute main direction in technology selection and future development trend. The high frequency machine is the main part in the machine of 30KVA and below. This is closely related to the fast dynamic response of the high frequency machine load, high energy density, small volume, low noise and low price. High frequency machine can be used to rectify the input active power factor, which represents the development trend of green power supply in the future.

Most of the doubts about the reliability of high-frequency motors are from domestic manufacturers of miscellaneous small chargers. Because of their limited competitiveness, they are unable to improve the fuselage performance due to the limitation of the development level in the process of developing high frequency machines. So they can only improve the power frequency machines on the basis of introducing the technology from Taiwan manufacturers in the late 1980s. 

With the continuous development of technology, many new technologies and concepts in the field of computer and power supply have been introduced into the battery charger industry. The battery charger has made remarkable progress with previous products in terms of performance, appearance size, adaptability to the environment and reliability. Some indicators have created qualitative leaps, especially for large and medium-sized battery chargers.

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