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GESHANG Autumn Outing to Lishui on Nov. 2 and 3

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Autumn outing has been one of Geshang’s traditions for many years, and it is also the company's welfare for hard-working employees. On November 2 morning, all the employees gathered at the company. After a 4-hour drive, we came to Suichang, Lishui, and enjoyed the local specialties. Two-day journey officially started.

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The first stop - Suichang Gold Mine National Mine Park. Gold and silver mining in the mining area has a long history. As early as the Tang Dynasty Shangyuan (AD 67-65) years, there has been mining and smelting activities. Yongfeng silver market was set up in Song Dynasty. In the years of Yongle and Xuande in the Ming Dynasty, it became the largest silver mining area in China. Its exploration, mining and smelting technology has long been at the leading level in the world. We visited the Tang and Ming mining caves, took the mining train and visited the gold museum.

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The second stop - Nanjianyan Scenic Spot. The scenic spot integrates the resources of perilous peak, waterfall, bamboo forest, wetland, sea of clouds terrace; the mountain villagers, rare animals and other elements, forming a beautiful fairyland picture, known as "paradise on earth where people will forget all the annoyance". The drizzle in the mountains still won't stop our enthusiasm for playing. The glass suspension bridge, glass plank road and Nanjian rock all leave us a wonderful memory.

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The third stop: Suichang Qianfo Mountain scenic spot. According to Suichang county annals, the odd rocks on the mountains seem like thousands of Buddha statues, so it's called "Thousand Buddha Mountain". In the scenic area, the canyon is quiet, the forest is dense, and the clear mountain spring passes through it, creating charming waterfalls, pools, lakes, pools, streams and other water landscapes. The continuous drizzling, cloud and mist covered around the mountain. There are Buddhist allegorical words engraved everywhere in the mountains, revealing the Buddhist subtleties. It’s a pity that we cannot see a-hundred zhang Maitreya, however, the Sanskrit in the mountains really relax ourselves. What a marvellous spirit purifying journey!

At the end of the two-day trip, we embarked on the road of return. It’s indeed a rare relaxation in the city noise. GESHANG team will take a more vigorous attitude to meet a better future of the enterprise.

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