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How Do you Fix a Power Charger?

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Power charger plays an important role in using electronic products and it is various in kinds such as lead-acid battery charger, nickel-hydrogen battery charger and lithium-ion battery charger and so on. However, if we use the power charger without good maintenance, it will have shorter service life. Therefore, today I want to share some ideas about the maintenance of portable power charger, hoping that you can learn something from that. 

Maintenance Methods of Power Charger

1. Water-proof and moisture-proof function is extremely important for power supply. For an electronic product, accidental water intake or long-term exposure to humid air will cause corrosion or oxidation of its internal electronic components.

2. Fall-proof and shock-proof have influence on the portable battery charger as well. Mobile phone charger is actually a fragile component, because the internal components can not withstand the hit. So it is very important to prevent accidental fall in the process of use. Additionally, you should not throw, knock or shake the power converter. Crude treatment to the battery charger can destroy internal circuit boards.

3. We should prevent exposure to strong chemicals. We should not use strong chemicals or strong detergents to clean the universal battery charger. The surface stain of the charger can be scrubbed with cotton and a small amount of anhydrous alcohol.

4. We should discharge static electricity during cleaning and clean the battery charger regularly. When cleaning, we should use a wet cloth or an anti-static cloth. We can not use dry cloth which will create electrostatic charge.

5. Cold and heat protection is of great significance. We should not put the battery charger in a place where the temperature is too high. High temperature will shorten the life of electronic devices, destroy chargers, and deform or melt some plastic parts. We should not store battery chargers in very cold places, either. When the charger works in the cold environment, the internal temperature will rise and moisture will form in the charger to destroy the circuit board.

Use Precautions of Power Charger

1.Memory Effect

Battery chargers have memory effect. When the memory effect accumulates gradually, the actual capacity of the battery charger will be greatly reduced. To mitigate the negative effects of memory effect, there is an effective method of discharging. Generally speaking, because the memory effect of nickel-cadmium batteries is obvious, it is suggested that a discharge should be made after 5-10 times of recharging. While the memory effect of nickel-hydrogen battery charger is not obvious, a discharge can be made after 20-30 times of recharging. To discharge a battery is to use a very small discharge current, so that the voltage of the battery drops slowly to between 0.9V and 1V. If the battery is discharged below 0.9V, it will cause excessive discharge and irreversible damage to the battery pack charger.

2.Charging Time

The battery capacity depends on the label outside the battery, and the charging current depends on the input current labeled on the charger. For different degrees of current, different formulas can be used to calculate the corresponding charging time. In order to maintain the service life of the auto battery charger, it is better not to exceed the prescribed charging time too much. In addition, during battery charging, it is better not to do high-energy work on the product, which will make the battery give off more heat and cause damage to the battery.

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