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How Does AC Power Frequency Converter Develop?

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Do you know what is an AC power frequency converter supply? It is mainly used for manufacturing or exporting traders' electricity detection and debugging of export electrical products and power supply for precision instruments. Which is widely used in home appliance manufacturing, electrical machinery, electronics manufacturing, IT industry, computer equipment, laboratories, etc. This article focuses on the AC power frequency converter supply and its history.

AC power frequency converter

The AC power frequency converter supply converts the AC power in the mains through AC→DC→AC, and the output is sinusoidal. The output frequency and voltage can be adjusted within a certain range. It is different from the variable frequency speed controller used for motor speed regulation, and also different from ordinary AC power supply. The ideal AC power source is characterized by stable frequency, stable voltage, internal resistance equal to zero, and a pure sine wave (no distortion).

The AC power frequency converter supply is very close to the ideal AC power supply. Therefore, the advanced developed countries are increasingly using the AC power frequency converter supply as the standard power supply to provide the best power supply environment for the electrical appliances, and to objectively assess the technical performance of the electrical appliances. 

Development history

The whole development history of the AC power frequency converter supply is basically developed with the development of electronic devices.

Before the 1980s, electronic variable-frequency power supplies were mainly based on small-sized instrument power supplies in Japan. The power supplies of such instruments were mostly produced by crystal amplification. After the 1980s, they were introduced to mainland China through Taiwan. The power characteristics of this period are: low power, high precision and low efficiency.

In the 1980s, the Chinese mainland embarked on the road of reform and opening up. The import and export equipment in mainland China has gradually increased. In particular, the share of electrical appliances represented by microwave ovens and air conditioners has increased. Therefore, high-power AC power frequency converter supplies are required for testing. Power manufacturers are looking for new technologies to expand the power of the power supply. According to the technical conditions and electronic devices at that time, the development of the two roads was mainly carried out. On the one hand, the way of maintaining the crystal type was unchanged, and the multi-machine parallel connection was used for expansion; the other method was to use a power crystal module. At this stage, the development of high-power inverter equipment has been greatly promoted.

In the late 1980s, with the development of semiconductor technology, the first generation of IGBT was put into production. The electronic device was quickly applied to the inverter field because of its fast switching speed and strong current carrying capacity. With the addition of powerful Mitsubishi, Ximenkang, Infineon and other manufacturers in the field of IGBT, the development speed of IGBT is changing with each passing day, the speed of updating and upgrading is accelerating, and the switching speed and current carrying capacity of IGBT are further strengthened. The production of high-power AC power frequency converter supply is realized.

AC power frequency converter supplies are increasingly used in various fields, such as the home appliance manufacturing industry, the motor and electronics industry, the IT industry and computer equipment manufacturing, laboratories and aviation.etc. We firmly believe that with the rapid development of science and technology, the AC power frequency converter supplier will have more vigorous development.

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