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How do You Choose a Power Inverter?

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Power inverter is an electronic device that converts low-voltage direct current into 220 volt alternating current. In daily life, 220 volt AC rectifier is usually used as DC current. The function of the inverter is the opposite. We are in a "mobile" era, in the mobile life, not only the low-voltage DC power supplied by batteries, but also the 220-volt AC which is indispensable in the daily environment are needed. Inverter is to meet our needs in this respect.

Vehicle-mounted inverter generally uses a car battery or a cigarette lighter to supply power, first converts the low-voltage direct current into a direct current of about 265V, and then converts the high-voltage direct current into 220V, 50Hz alternating current. Vehicle-mounted inverters break many of the limitations of using appliances in the car. The vehicle power supply is not only suitable for in-vehicle systems, but can be used whenever there is a DC12V DC power supply. Vehicle-mounted inverter take full account of the external use environment and shut down automatically when overload or short circuit occurs.

As a kind of power product that works in high current and high frequency environment, the vehicle-mounted inverter has a high potential failure rate. Therefore, consumers must be cautious when purchasing:

The output waveform of the inverter should not be lower than the quasi-sinusoidal waveform.

(1) Choose the appropriate vehicle-mounted adjustable power supply according to the types of electrical appliances used. For example, choose square wave, correction wave and sinusoidal wave for resistive appliances in daily life. For inductive appliances, sine wave inverters must be selected.

(2) Square-wave/corrected-wave inverters can not carry inductive load and capacitive loads, can not drive air conditioning, refrigerators, and can not provide power for high-quality audio and television. Strictly speaking, square wave/corrected wave inverters will affect the service life of electrical appliances. These problems will not occur when using sinusoidal wave inverters.


The inverters should have complete circuit protection function.

(1) The cigarette lighter insurance in general cars is 10A or 15A. This shows that the on-board inverters used in general cars are 120W or 180W. If high-power inverters are needed, it is necessary to see if there is a battery clamp in the package. The use of high-power Inverters without battery clamp in cars will be limited.

(2) The general vehicle-mounted power supply will have insurance at the cigarette lighter end,  it is necessary to open and check that the insurance does not match the insurance of the cigarette lighter, so that the insurance of the cigarette lighter can play a role. Otherwise, the insurance of the car cigarette lighter will be burned, which will cause unnecessary trouble.


Manufacturers should have good after-sales service commitment.

Circuits and products have been tested for some time.

In addition to the price factor, the main consideration in choosing vehicle-mounted inverter is the requirement of input voltage and output power of vehicle-mounted inverter. In addition, because the power of various electrical appliances varies greatly. It is necessary to select the vehicle-mounted inverter according to the use requirements.


Inverters can lead to a higher quality lifestyle. It is especially important to purchase the inverters which have quality assurance.

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