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How to Choose a Emergency Starting Power Supply For Automobile?

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Automobile emergency starting power supply is a multifunctional portable mobile power supply developed for motorists and business people. Its characteristic function is to start the car when the car is out of power or other reasons can not start the car. It combines the functions of inflatable pump, emergency power supply and outdoor lighting, and is one of the necessary products for outdoor travel. 

The design concept of emergency starting power supply is easy to operate, easy to carry, and can deal with all kinds of emergencies at the same time. At present, there are two kinds of automobile emergency starting power supply on the market, one is lead-acid battery and the other is lithium polymer battery.

Lead-acid battery emergency starting power supply is more traditional, using maintenance-free lead-acid battery, and the weight and volume are large. The corresponding battery capacity, starting current and so on will be relatively large. These products are generally equipped with inflatable pumps, as well as over-current, overload, overcharge and reverse instruction protection, which can charge all kinds of electronic products, and some products also have inverter and other functions.

Lithium polymer automotive emergency starting power supply is more trendy, is a recent product. It is light in weight and small in size. This kind of product is generally not equipped with inflatable pump. It has the function of overcharging protection, and the lighting function is more powerful, which can supply power for all kinds of electronic products. 

Classifications of Automobile Emergency Starting Power Supply

The emergency starting power supply can supply emergency lighting when the normal power supply no longer provides the minimum voltage required for normal lighting, that is, when the normal lighting power supply voltage is reduced to less than 60% of the rated voltage. Emergency lighting power supply can be roughly divided into the following types:

1.A supply line in which the power grid is effectively separated from the normal power supply.

2.Diesel generating set

3.Combined power supply

4.Storage battery pack: The storage battery pack is divided into the following categories: 

(1)Self-contained power emergency lamp

(2)Centralized setting storage battery pack 

(3)Batteries set up in a partition set

Matters Needing Attention In Selection And Purchase

(1)The number of the input is a two-way power-in or one-way power-in.

(2)Confirm the number of input phases required before purchase, single-phase or three-phase.

(3)Total load capacity, refers to the total load capacity of a EPS emergency power supply.

(4)The type of load that should be confirmed before purchase the power supply, refers to the use of the power supply, such as lighting, power.

(5)Confirm the standby continuation time of emergency power supply.

(6)Confirm the number of output branches of the emergency power supply.

(7)The position and mode of the inlet and outlet line and the size of the hole of inlet and outlet line which refer to whether there are special requirements for the inlet and outlet line. 

(8)Other requirements, refer to the requirements in addition to the above requirements.

(9)Confirm if fire fighting linkage and number of branches are required.

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