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How to Install an Inverter?

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AC Power Inverter  is a converter that converts direct current energy into constant frequency and constant voltage or frequency modulation and voltage regulation alternating current. It consists of inverter bridge, control logic and filter circuit. It is widely used in air conditioning, home cinema, computer, television, etc. Many people don't know about inverters. Here are some basic knowledges about inverters.

Use Method of Vehicle-mounted Inverter 

(1) Insert the vehicle-mounted inverter into the socket of the automobile cigarette lighter. Please check the tightness between the plug and the socket when inserting. When it is too loose, open the shrapnel on both sides of the plug and insert it into the cigarette lighter socket. 

(2) Confirm whether the power indicator of the vehicle-mounted inverter is on.

(3) Insert the power plug of the electrical appliance to be used into the socket of the vehicle-mounted power converter. 

Precautions for Vehicle Inverter 

(1) When unplugging the electrical appliance in continuous use, be sure to confirm whether the switch using the electrical appliance has been turned on "OFF" before unplugging the power plug. 

(2) Always use fuses of the same model and specification when replacing fuses of vehicle-mounted inverters. Using fuses or wires other than the specified specification will cause abnormal overheating and fire. 

(3) Clean up the dirt on the plug of the vehicle-mounted inverter in time to avoid poor contact or abnormal overheating of the converter. 

(4) The output voltage of the inverter is 220V AC, and this 220V power is in a narrow space and in a movable state, so extra care should be taken. It should be placed in a safer place to prevent electric shock. When not in use, it is best to cut off its input power supply. 

Selection of On-board Inverter 

Vehicle-mounted inverter is a power supply product that works in high current and high frequency environment, and its potential failure rate is quite high. Therefore, consumers must be cautious when purchasing. 

(1) Apart from the price factor, the main consideration in selecting the vehicle-mounted power supply is the requirement of the vehicle-mounted power supply on the input voltage and the size of the output power. In addition, due to the great difference in the power of various electrical appliances, the vehicle-mounted power supply should be selected according to the use demand, and the principle is to give priority to sufficiency. 

(2) According to the types of electrical appliances used, it is necessary to select an appropriate vehicle-mounted power supply. For daily resistive electrical appliances, square wave, correction wave and sine wave can be used together. For inductive electrical appliances, sine wave inverter must be selected. 

(3) Square wave/modified wave inverter power supply cannot carry inductive load and capacitive load, cannot drive air conditioner and refrigerator, and is difficult to provide power for high-quality audio and television. Strictly speaking, square wave/modified wave inverter power supply will affect the service life of electrical appliances, and these problems will not occur when sine wave inverter is used. 

(4) The cigarette lighter insurance in a typical car is 10A or 15A, which indicates that the on-board inverter power source that can be used in a typical car is 120W or 180W. If you need a high-power inverter, be sure to check whether there are battery clamps in the package. The use of high-power inverters without battery clamps in cars will be limited. 

(5) The general vehicle-mounted power supply will have insurance at the cigarette lighter end. The network of automotive supplies reminds that it is necessary to open and check the insurance when purchasing. The insurance does not match the insurance of the cigarette lighter, so that the insurance of the cigarette lighter can play a role. Otherwise, the insurance of the cigarette lighter will be burned and unnecessary troubles will be caused.

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