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How to Set Up Solar Charge Controller?

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Solar controller is an automatic control device used in solar power system to control the charging of batteries by multiple solar cells array and the power supply of batteries to the load of solar inverters. It regulates and controls the charging and discharging conditions of the battery, and controls the output of the solar cell module and the battery to the load according to the power demand of the load. Solar charge controller is the core control part of the whole photovoltaic power supply system.

Solar Controller Mode

1. Pure Optical Control Mode

When there is no sunshine, the light intensity falls to the start point, the controller delays 10 minutes to confirm the start signal. Then the controller opens the load according to the setting parameters, and the load starts to work. When there is sunshine, the light intensity rises to the start point, the controller delays 10 minutes to confirm the shutdown signal. Then the controller closes the output, and the load stops working.

2. Optical Control Mode and Time Control Mode

The start-up process is the same as the pure optical control. When the load works to the set time, it will automatically shut down. The setting time is 1-14 hours.

3. Manual Mode

In this mode, the user can control the opening and closing of the load by pressing the button, regardless of whether it is during the day or night. This mode is used for some special load situations or debugging.

4. Debugging Mode

When used in system debugging, the load is closed when there is light signal, and the load is opened when there is no light signal. It is convenient to check the correctness of system installation during installation and debugging.

5. Normally Open Mode

The power-on load keeps the output state all the time. This mode is suitable for the load which needs 24-hour power supply.

The Setting Method of Solar Controller

First, press the key for more than 3 seconds, the digital tube starts flickering. Then the system enters the adjustment mode. Release the button, and each time the button is pressed, the number of the digital tube will change a number until the number displayed by the digital tube corresponds to the number of the mode selected by the user from the table, and then the setting will be completed when the digital tube stops flickering or presses the key for more than 3 seconds again. 

Generally, solar controllers do not have built-in clocks. For example, the turning on time of a lamp is usually triggered by monitoring the current generated by the solar panel. The solar controllers support multi-time regulation, which can set the luminous power of lamps in different time periods. The solar controllers should be adjusted according to actual needs.

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