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Chongqing Kosun New Energy Co., Ltd. settled in Chongqing Wanzhou Economic Development Zone in 2019. It is close to Wanzhou High-speed Railway North Station and Wanzhou Airport, and only half an hour's drive from Wanzhou Deepwater Port. It has convenient three-dimensional transportation channels. With a high-quality work environment and corporate culture, the company has introduced a large number of professional talents in the production line, and provided convenient services for factory trucks.
The production base in Chongqing is located in the park of Wankai Economic Development Zone, on the 4th and 5th floors of No. 12 Union Road, covering an area of ​​about 6,000 square meters. All the bases of the base are laid with epoxy floors, and multiple fire emergency passages are installed. Group emergency rescue devices, and regularly conduct safety knowledge learning and publicity for employees. In the production base, we regularly conduct safety hazard investigations and organize non-safety regulations to provide employees with the safest production environment.
Within the production base, it is roughly divided into six areas: administrative office area, technology research and
development area, sales display area, production test area, warehouse dispatching area and staff canteen.

The administrative office area includes our department offices, conference rooms, reception rooms and staff
lounges. The staff in the administrative office area is mainly responsible for the daily operation of the company, storing
the company's financial, personnel, regulations and other documents, as well as customer reception matters.
 The technology research and development area is mainly responsible for research and development of the company's products. The technical department has its own research and development warehousing, as well as a large number of advanced testing equipment in the industry, and is constantly developing and designing our own testing equipment. The company's production line standards and manufacturing process standards are from the technical department.
 The sales display area mainly displays our company's products, promotional materials, as well as technical certification and invention innovation. The company's trade sales team receives emails and phone calls from all over the world every day, and also shows our company to customers through this platform.
 The production test area is mainly responsible for mass production, sampling inspection and full inspection of the products. The production department has two SMT processing lines, equipped with two Yamaha placement machines, which can undertake a large number of SMT placement orders. It is equipped with an SMT reflow oven and a wave solder reflow oven to improve the overall process standards. The production area has two inverter production assembly lines, which can produce and assemble hundreds of inverters every day and sell them all over the world. One SMT chip processing production line can undertake the order processing orders of various parts in China; The power supply line will be put into production, and it can produce various power products such as adjustable power supply, switching power supply, LED drive power supply and rechargeable power supply light. The test area has the industry's leading testing equipment, undertakes the company's quality control tasks, has professional testers, and follows strict testing standards to strictly control the quality.
 The warehousing and dispatching area is divided into raw material supply warehouses and finished product turnover warehouses, which mainly undertake the functions of receiving and sending materials and storing finished products. The warehousing system has an advanced ERP management network, which is efficient and convenient, and helps warehouse personnel to manage company assets more conveniently. The acceptance and distribution of raw materials and the storage of finished machines are managed in real time through the ERP system, and are fed back to the production, sales, administration and R&D departments.
 The production base is also equipped with staff canteens. The employees of the company can enjoy safe and secure work meals for free. The canteen is also equipped with a pantry for employees to access.

The new production base integrates R&D, office, sales and production. It aims to provide customers with the highest quality power products and provide employees with the safest working environment. At the same time, we are constantly introducing intelligent equipment to provide us with automation and improve the quality of our products.




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