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The quality control of the company has made great progress on the basis of Ningbo.
First, on-site quality control links:
1. Multi-dimensional inspection. Our inspections are divided into employee production self-inspection, production line leader inspection and quality inspector sampling. Through three steps, we will promote the good habits of employees to form self-tests and prevent them from happening. Timely discovery of problems, analysis of problems, rectification measures, follow-up implementation, and improvement of on-site process quality through self-inspection, mutual inspection and sampling inspection.
2. Control over multiple periods. Strictly control the production links that are prone to quality hazards, focus on key indicators, focus on key time supervision, and focus on key models. Such as the first inspection of the product and the last inspection, inspection of special time periods, acceptance of raw materials, etc.
3. More thinking and more summary. Real-time control of equipment operation status, process execution, production standard implementation and work quality status. To do more observations means to observe the operation of the equipment, the status of the instrument indication, etc.; more walking, refers to paying attention to the inspection of each section. More hands-on means that you should pay attention to whether the nameplate label has any errors or not, and whether the packaging is complete. More summaries refer to the timely sampling and testing of the products being produced.
Second, the factory management control tracking link:​


Strict factory quality inspection. The technical department provides the publicity inspection standards of the process flow and quality department, strengthens the quality promotion of each link, and the quality inspectors and inspection inspectors strictly implement the process standards. For products that do not meet the quality regulations, they are directly returned and prohibited from leaving the factory.


Detection data retention. Production inspection data and quality inspection data are archived in time, and big data is formed to analyze problems and summarize problems more effectively.



The problem is summarized. Every day, the problem of defective products, problem products, and maintenance products is summarized, and an analysis report is issued to find out which of these links have problems.



Equipment control management. Standardize the use of equipment, strictly control equipment maintenance, regularly conduct equipment calibration and maintenance, conduct equipment training from time to time, and stipulate equipment supervisors to implement relevant individuals.



Quality performance mechanism. The production link corresponds to the employee's work number mark, which is related to the employee's salary settlement and performance appraisal; the product nameplate records the production process, and the handling personnel, strictly control each step of production. For those that cause major quality accidents and cause great economic losses to the company, strictly follow the relevant management regulations of the company.


Equipment introduction and personnel training. Continuously introduce more accurate testing equipment, strengthen the training of testing personnel, improve the quality of quality inspection, and improve the welfare of testing personnel.

Third, after-sales quality supervision links:
1. Customer testing specifications. The technical department and the quality inspection department issue relevant testing specifications for customers to download and use. For problems caused by the out-of-standard testing behavior, we will record them and improve them and apply them to the limit detection.
2. Product recall mechanism. For products with serious security breaches and quality issues, we will implement a strict recall mechanism.
3. Customer maintenance records. We will record the customer's maintenance records and continue to provide customers with a more comprehensive solution.




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