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What Does a Switching Power Supply Do?

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There are many ways to classify communication power supplies. According to the DC stabilized power supply classification, it can be divided into three categories: linear power supply, phase control power supply and switching power supply. The switching power supply is mainly responsible for the power switch. Its main features are “high frequency” and “high efficiency”. It is usually above 90%. In the current energy demand situation, it plays a very important role in energy conservation. The following mainly introduces the development prospects of switching power supplies in communication power supplies.

Switching power supply development prospects

At present, the switching power supply is in the process of continuous development, and then it is necessary to further enhance the scientific and technological content of the switching power supply and the power supply system, so that the development of the communication network and the maintenance of various devices can be continuously enhanced in today's fast-developing society. The main goal is to improve the stability and operability of the instrument. There are mainly the following aspects:


With the rapid development and development of communication levels, the demand for distributed power supply is becoming more and more intense, so the demand for switching power supplies is gradually tilting toward the direction of miniaturization. At the same time, the current development level of science and technology can also meet the switching power supply. Especially after the miniaturized switching mode power supply has been loved by more and more people, such as related data products, mobile networks, wireless communications, etc., many small-scale plug-ins have gradually emerged, and there is a tendency to continue to develop.

2. Highly intelligent

When the switching power supply in the communication power supply is gradually used in more and more aspects, it is difficult to have enough professional power maintenance workers to support it. In this case, the best method is to use intelligent instruments. Let the switching power supply detect whether there is any inappropriate operation mode by itself, and diagnose and process it when the power supply fails. Therefore, intelligence should also increase the function of automatic diagnosis on the basis of the original, it can judge the small problems of the switching power supply at any time, and give relevant maintenance personnel a certain guidance, so that they can handle the switching power supply as soon as possible during operation. 

3. Battery Management

For switching power supplies, the battery charger is critical, and it is also critical for the entire communication power system. This requires a relatively complete battery management function for the switched mode power supply, and can clarify the importance of the battery in many ways. It is not possible to manage the temperature and protection of the battery of the switching power supply only, and it is also necessary to manage its capacitance and charge and discharge capabilities in many aspects.

4. Versatility

The switching power supply has great flexibility and freedom to meet the common needs of multiple users of multiple devices. For the different functions of the innov switching power supply, it is done through a different circuit board or function board. This is like the hardware expansion of the computer. If the computer needs to have the Internet access function, you need to add a network card. Under such circumstances, the user can properly control and construct it according to the actual situation, and the relevant operating agencies of the dc switching power supply can be priced according to the corresponding situation.

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