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What are the Common Types of AC Stabilizing Power Supply?

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AC voltage stabilizing power supply can provide a stable voltage and frequency. The following combined with some AC voltage stabilizing power supply in the market briefly describes its classification characteristics. 

Resonant AC Voltage-stabilized Power Supply

The basic principle of this kind of voltage stabilizing power supply is LC series resonance, and the early magnetic saturation voltage regulator belongs to this kind of voltage regulator. It has the advantages of simple structure, no many components, high reliability and wide range of voltage stability, strong anti-interference and anti-overload ability. The disadvantages are high energy consumption, large noise, bulky and high cost. 

On the basis of the principle of magnetic saturation, the parameter regulator formed by the development of magnetic saturation principle also belongs to the AC regulator of this kind of principle. 

Auto-adjustable AC Voltage Stabilizing Power Supply

1. Mechanical voltage regulating type: This type of voltage stabilizer uses servo motor to drive the carbon brush to move on the winding sliding surface of the autotransformer to change the ratio of the output voltage to the input voltage in order to adjust and stabilize the output voltage. The power of this voltage stabilizer can range from hundreds of watts to thousands of watts. It is characterized by simple structure, low cost and low distortion of output waveform. However, because the sliding contact of carbon brush is easy to produce electric spark, the brush is damaged and even burned out, and it fails. 

2. Changing the tap type: The advantages of this voltage stabilizer are simple circuit, wide voltage range, high efficiency and low price. The disadvantage is that the voltage stabilization accuracy is low and the working life is short, which is suitable for home power supply to air conditioners. 

Purified Voltage Stabilizing Power Supply 

It has the advantages of good anti-interference performance, high voltage stabilization accuracy, fast response, simple circuit and reliable operation. The disadvantage is that there is low-frequency oscillation in nonlinear load such as computer and program-controlled switch. The current distortion on the input side is large, the source power factor is low, and the output voltage is phase shifted to the input voltage. The purified voltage stabilizing power supply has the advantages of voltage stabilizing, anti-interference, fast response speed, moderate price and the like, so it's widely used.

Switching AC Voltage Stabilizing Power Supply

It is applied to the high-frequency pulse-width modulation technology, and the difference with the general switching power supply is that its output must be an AC voltage of the same frequency and phase as the input side. Its output voltage wave patterns are quasi-square wave, ladder wave, sine wave and so on. Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) on the market is a switched AC power supply. The switching AC voltage stabilizing power supply has the advantages of good voltage stabilizing property, strong control function and easy realization of intelligence, and is a very promising AC voltage-stabilized power supply. However, because of its complex circuit and high price, its promotion is slow. 

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