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What are the Types of Power Supply?

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Power supply is a device that converts other forms of energy into electrical energy. The power supply is based on the principle of “magnetic generation”, which generates electricity from renewable energy such as water, wind, sea tide, dam water pressure difference, solar energy, and burning coal and oil residue. The common power source is dry battery (DC) and 110V-220V AC power supply for home use. The following mainly introduces several classifications of power supplies.

Power supply classification

Normal power supply

Normal power supply can be subdivided into: switching power supply, inverter power supply, AC stabilized power supply, DC stabilized power supply, DC/DC power supply, communication power supply, module power supply, variable frequency power supply, UPS power supply, EPS emergency power supply, purification power supply, PC power supply, Rectifier power supply, custom power supply, heating power supply, welding power supply/arc power supply, electroplating power supply, network power supply, power operation power supply, adapter power supply, linear power supply, power supply controller/driver, power supply, inverter power supply, and parameter power supply , voltage regulator power supply, transformer power supply.

Special use power supply

Special power supplies can be subdivided into: shore power, security power, high voltage power, medical power, military power, aerospace power, laser power, and other special power supplies.

Special power supplies are special types of power supplies. The so-called special is mainly because the technical requirements of the power supply are different from the commonly used power supply. The main reason is that the output voltage is particularly high, the output current is particularly large, or the stability, dynamic response and ripple requirements are particularly high, or the voltage of the power supply is required. Or the current is a pulse or some other requirement. This makes the design and production of such power supplies more special or more stringent than the ordinary power supply.

Special power supplies are typically designed for special load or occasion requirements and are used in a wide variety of applications. Mainly include: electroplating electrolysis, anodizing, induction heating, medical equipment, electric power operation, electric power test, environmental dust removal, air purification, food sterilization, laser infrared, photoelectric display, etc. In defense and military, special power sources are more irreplaceable for ordinary power sources, mainly used in: radar navigation, high-energy physics, plasma physics and nuclear technology research.

The power supply is a technology product centered on power electronics. “Power” is the terminal product, and “Power” product is the specific product embodiment of “Power Electronics” application technology. Power electronic power supplies usually refer to power products that use power electronics technology and are an important member of power electronics. The power industry with power electronics as its core technology, the power industry is the foundation for the development of various high-tech industries. All high-tech equipment requires technical support from power electronics.

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