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What is Power Inverter Used for?

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Many people use inverters in life, but they do not know much about inverters. Next, I will introduce you to the basic knowledge of portable power inverter.

1. Inverse Instrument 

Power inverter is a DC to AC transformer, which is actually a voltage inversion process with converter. The converter converts the AC voltage of the power grid into a stable 12V DC output, while the inverter converts the 12V DC voltage output by the Adapter into high-frequency high-voltage AC. Both parts also use the much-used (PWM) technology. The core part is a PWM integrated controller, while the Adapter uses UC3842, and the inverter uses TL5001 chip. TL5001 has a working voltage range of 3.6~40V, and it is internally provided with an error amplifier, a regulator, an oscillator, a PWM generator with dead zone control, a low-voltage protection circuit, a short-circuit protection circuit, etc. The input part has three signals, 12V DC input VIN, operating enable voltage ENB and Panel current control signal DIM. VIN is provided by Adapter, ENB voltage is provided by MCU on the mainboard, and its value is 0 or 3V. When ENB=0, the inverter does not work, while when ENB=3V, the inverter is in normal working state. The DIM voltage is provided by the main board, and its variation range is between 0V and 5V. Different DIM values are fed back to the feedback terminal of the PWM controller, and the current supplied by the inverter to the load will also be different. The smaller the DIM value, the greater the current output by the power inverter.

2. Principle of Disassembly 

The reverse device is DC to AC, and the device is about the reverse of the 12V DC Ac 12V DC Exchange Two a multi-size strategy for the end of the same city. The reverse-instrumental-like core part of the capital, the PWM collection refrain, the TL5001 core piece for the order. TL5001-type construction 3.6~40V, its internal system, one-size-one, a-shake, a dead-ward-based PWM-raw device, a low-key circuit, and a short-road insurance circuit, etc. 

3. Inverse instrument special points 

(1) High rate of increase, good will. 

(2) Safety performance preference: Short road, severing, severing/ missing, super-temperature 5- and 5-year-old ability. 

(3) Good physical performance: all external performance for the product, good performance, surface hardening, friction performance, anti-constant external force.

(4) The sexy and qualitative properties.

 4. Rate of disassembly 

The time of the reverse equipment construction and the amount of the body required for a portion of the consumption and consumption, the factor of the operation rate of the The ratio of the inverse of the inverse system to the ratio of the performance rate of the inverse instrument. 100 tile-like DC charges, 90 tile-like AC charges, 90% of the charges.

5. Use of reverse ware 

(1) Use of the system, such as a desk, a stamping desk, a drawing, etc. 

(2) Use life phone, etc.: Desk, DVD, sound, image desk, fan, lighting lamp, etc.

Landlords have a certain understanding of the landlord's constant reverse ware, and for the use of the common place during the life of the landlord.

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