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What is a DC Switching Power Supply?

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The DC switching power supply uses a circuit to control the switching tube for high-speed conduction and cut-off, and the alternating current is supplied to the transformer for voltage transformation into high-frequency direct current, thereby generating one or more sets of voltages required! The reason for the conversion to high-frequency AC is that the efficiency of high-frequency AC in the transformer transformer circuit is much higher than that of 50HZ. The following mainly introduces the knowledge of the switching power supply in the communication power supply.

Working principle

1. The AC power input is rectified and filtered into DC;

2. Control the switching tube through the high frequency PWM signal, and apply DC to the switching transformer;

3. The secondary of the switching transformer induces a high-frequency voltage, which is supplied to the load through rectification and filtering;

4. The output part is fed back to the control circuit through a certain circuit to control the PWM duty cycle to achieve the purpose of stable output.

DC switching power supply components

1. Input filter: Its function is to filter the clutter existing in the power grid, and also hinder the clutter generated by the machine from being fed back to the public power grid.

2. Rectification and filtering: The AC power supply of the power grid is directly rectified into a smoother DC power for the next level of transformation.

3. Inverter: The rectified DC power is changed into high frequency AC power, which is the core part of the high frequency switching power supply. The higher the frequency, the smaller the ratio of volume, weight and output power.

4. Output rectification and filtering: It provides stable and reliable DC power supply according to load requirements. 

Application characteristics

1. It reduces the porosity, and the formation speed of the crystal nucleus is greater than the growth rate, which promotes the refinement of the crystal nucleus.

2. It improves the bonding force and breaks down the passivation film, which is beneficial to the firm bonding between the substrate and the plating layer.

3. This improves the covering ability and dispersing ability. The high cathode negative potential can also deposit the passivated parts in ordinary electroplating, and slow down the "burnt" and "dendritic" caused by excessive deposition of deposited ions. "Deformation defects.

4. It reduces the internal stress of the coating, improves lattice defects, impurities, voids, tumors, etc., and easily obtains crack-free coatings and reduces additives.

5. It is beneficial to obtain a stable alloy coating.

High frequency switching DC power supply

The high-frequency switching DC power supply is based on high-quality imported IGBT as the main power device, and the ultra-microcrystalline soft magnetic alloy material is the main transformer core. The main control system adopts multi-loop control technology, and the structure adopts anti-salt fog acidification measures. The power product has a reasonable structure and high reliability. The power supply has become a new generation of thyristor power supply with its small size, light weight, high efficiency and high reliability. Suitable for various precision surface treatment sites such as experiment, oxidation, electrolysis, galvanizing, nickel plating, tin plating, chrome plating, photoelectric, smelting, chemical formation and corrosion. Especially in the field of PCB, electroplating and electrolysis, it has become the power supply of choice for many customers.

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