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What is a Frequency Converter Used For?

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The variable frequency power supply  converts the alternating current in the commercial power through AC→DC→AC conversion, and outputs a pure sine wave. The output frequency and voltage can be adjusted within a certain range. The variable frequency power supply is very close to the ideal AC power supply. Therefore, the advanced developed countries are increasingly using the variable frequency power supply as the standard power supply to provide the best power supply environment for the electrical appliances, and to objectively assess the technical performance of the electrical appliances.

Application of Variable Frequency Power Supply

Due to the inconsistency of grid indicators in various countries around the world, exporting electrical appliance manufacturers need power supply to simulate the grid status in different countries, providing pure, reliable, low harmonic distortion, high stability frequency and regulated sine wave output power for engineers in product development, production line testing, product inspection, life testing, and over voltage/low voltage simulation testing. Users of imported original electrical appliances and equipment also need to transform and frequency change the power grid to ensure the normal operation of imported electrical appliances and equipment.

The variable frequency power supply is mainly used as electricity detection and debugging of export electrical products, and the power supply for precision instruments. It is widely used in home appliance, motor, electronics, IT industry, computer equipment, laboratories, etc.

Home appliance manufacturers such as: air conditioners, coffee makers, washing machines, juicers, microwave ovens, tape recorders, refrigerators, DVDs, vacuum cleaner, electric shavers, etc.

Motor and electronics manufacturers such as: switching power supply, transformers, electronic ballasts, AC fans, uninterruptible power systems, battery chargers, relays, compressors, motors, passive components and other products test power.

IT industry and computer equipment manufacturers such as: fax machines, photocopiers, shredders, printers, scanners, burners, servers, monitors and other products test power.

Laboratory and test units such as: AC power test, product life and safety test, electromagnetic compatibility test, OQC (FQC) test, product test and research and development, best AC power of research unit.

Aviation/military units such as: test ground power for airport ground facilities, ships, aerospace, military research institutes, etc.

Using Variable Frequency Power Supply Stabilizer to Adjust Speed

The frequency conversion power supply voltage regulator is used for speed regulation, one is to adjust the speed according to requirements, and the other is to save energy. It is mainly based on the following factors:

1) The variable frequency speed control system has low loss and high work efficiency.

2) The motor is always kept at low slip operation and reduces rotor losses.

3) Soft start and brake functions can be realized to reduce the starting current impact.

When using variable frequency power supply speed regulation, it is necessary to consider various aspects such as process requirements, cost savings, and investment recovery period.

3. Characteristics of AC Frequency Conversion Speed Regulation

1) It is smooth and high efficiency when adjusting speed. At low speeds, the characteristic clearance rate is higher and the relative stability is good.

2) The speed adjustment range is large and the precision is high.

3) The starting current is low, no impact on the system and the power grid, and the power saving effect is obvious.

4) The variable frequency power supply is small in size, easy to install, debug and maintain.

5) Easy to realize process automation.

6) There must be a dedicated variable frequency power supply | voltage regulator, the cost is higher.

7) In constant torque regulation, the overload capability of the low speed motor is greatly reduced.

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