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What is a Stabilised DC Power Supply?

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DC stabilizing power supply can be divided into electrochemical power supply, linear stabilizing power supply and switching stabilizing power supply, and they have different types respectively.

Electrochemical power supply

The common dry batteries, lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries, lithium-ion batteries all belong to this category, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. With the development of science and technology, intelligent batteries have been produced. In terms of rechargeable battery materials, American researchers have found an iodide of manganese, which can be used to make environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries with cheap, small, long discharge time and good performance after multiple charging.

Linear Voltage Stabilizing Power Supply

One of the common characteristics of linear voltage stabilizing power supply is that its power device adjusts the online region of the tube, and the output is stabilized by adjusting the voltage drop between the tubes. Because of the large static loss of the adjusting tube, a large radiator needs to be installed to dissipate heat. And because the transformer works on the power frequency (50Hz), so the weight is large. 

This kind of power supply has the advantages of high stability, small grain wave, high reliability, easy to make multi-channel, output continuous adjustable finished product. The disadvantages are large volume, heavyweight and relatively low efficiency. According to the output value, there are several kinds of fixed point output power supply, band switch adjustment type and potentiometer continuous adjustable type. According to the output indication can be divided into pointer indication type and digital display type and so on. 

Switching DC Voltage Stabilizing Power Supply

The circuit types of switching DC voltage stabilizing power supply are mainly single-ended flyback type, single-ended forward type, half-bridge type, push-pull type and full-bridge type. The fundamental difference between it and linear power supply is that its transformer does not work at power frequency but at dozens of kilohertz to several megahertz. The functional tube is either in saturation or in the cut-off zone, that is, the switching state; the switching power supply is therefore named. 

The advantages of switching power supply are small size, lightweight, stable and reliable, and the disadvantages are larger ripples compared with linear power supply. It is generally divided into the following types.

AC/DC power supply

This kind of power supply is also called primary power supply. It obtains energy from the power grid and a DC high voltage by high voltage rectifier filter, which can be used for DC/DC converter to obtain one or more stable DC voltage at the output end. 

DC/DC power supply

In communication system, it is also called secondary power supply, which provides a DC input voltage by primary power supply or DC battery pack, and obtains one or more DC voltage at the output after DC/DC conversion.

Radio power supply

The input AC220V/110V, output DC13.8V, power of the radio power supply depends on the supplied radio power. In order to prevent that power-off of the AC grid from affecting the work of the station, there is a need for a battery pack as a backup. Therefore, this kind of power supply not only outputs a 13.8V DC voltage, but also has the automatic conversion function of charging the battery. 

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