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Why Need a Solar Controller?

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How to use solar controllers? This may not be difficult for the professionals, but in fact many people even don't know what the solar controller is. If we want to know how to use it, we must first understand what a solar controller is. The solar controller is a simple voltage regulator, which is a small component between the solar panel and the battery, it plays a vital role in the entire solar photovoltaic system.

1. Why need a solar controller?

Because in a complete photovoltaic system, if the solar panel is used to charge the battery without a solar charger controller, the photovoltaic panel will produce different voltages and the voltage changes too much due to changes in light intensity. If the battery is charged with such a voltage , it is easy to damage a battery. We all know in the entire photovoltaic system, the price of photovoltaic panels and batteries is higher, it takes hundreds yuan. And a solar controller is cheap, such a simple and cheap little thing can protect the photovoltaic panels and batteries. Why don't we use it?

Since it is so important, next we can learn how to use the solar controller? The use of the solar controller is very simple, just need to match the system, that is, the voltage of the solar panel and the battery is roughly the same. Matching the system is the connection. We must connect the battery first and then the solar panel. Otherwise it is easy to damage the solar controller. The use of solar controllers is as simple as that.

2. The role of solar controller

In the photovoltaic system, the solar controller mainly protects the battery from overcharging and charging. Overcharging can vaporize the electrolyte of the battery, which can easily cause damage to the battery life and premature retirement. Solar controllers are also called solar charge and discharge controllers. In large and medium-sized PV systems, solar controller tube maintenance protects the battery and the overall operation of the entire PV system. The solar controller can be integrated with the power inverter to form an integrated street light controller, and it can also be used alone.

The intelligent solar charge controller has the following features:

(1) Protect the battery from overcharging and overdischarging to extend the service life of the battery.

(2) Prevent solar battery square array and battery polarity from reverse connection.

(3) Anti-stop load and internal short circuit of controller and other equipment.

(4) Photovoltaic system working status display: battery charging status display and battery terminal voltage display.

(5) Load status display: charging voltage, charging current, charging amount, and so on.

(6) Auxiliary power supply working status display: solar radiant energy, temperature, wind speed, etc.

(7) Photovoltaic system information storage: system power generation, power lost, power loss record, fault record, etc.

(8) Optimized system energy management: PV array optimal working point tracking (MPPT) temperature compensation, preferential compensation, etc.

(9) Photovoltaic system fault alarm, system telemetry, remote control, remote signaling function, etc.

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