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 The company is located in Wanzhou, a beautiful city of Pinghu.It is located in the hinterland of the Three Gorges reservoir area ,the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River. Wanzhou relies on the “Golden Waterway” – the Yangtze River, which enjoys the reputation of “the gathering of thousands of merchants”.
Since the completion of the Three Gorges Project, the development of the reservoir area has been changing with each passing day. Wanzhou has also taken advantage of the current situation and entered a period of rapid development. The transportation advantages of water, land and air integration,including the second largest airport in Chongqing - Wanzhou airport,the high-quality deep-water port in the reservoir area, Wanzhou Port, and the nationwide railway transportation – Wanzhou High-speed Railway North Station.
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    One Belt, One Road​
    In order to comply with the development trend of “One Belt, One Road”, our company opened in Wanzhou in April this year, relying on Ningbo Company and passing the actual inspection of Wanzhou area, which lasted for one year. Relying on the geographical advantages of the Three Gorges reservoir area, we will use the developed carrier network of Wanzhou to connect Europe, Asia and Africa through the Eurasian Continental Bridge, and through the inland deep-water port of the city, through the domestic high-quality import and export trade ports. Our products can be sent not only to all parts of the country, but also to overseas markets.
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    By summarizing Ningbo's 10 years of operating experience, our company not only introduced the industry's top design and development team, but also absorbed many excellent management personnel, and also made efforts to build a professional sales department. At the same time, our company adheres to the cultivation of talents, adheres to independent innovation and protects intellectual property rights, insists on providing high-quality products and service services, and is committed to building a domestic first-class sales company and manufacturer. Our company has introduced a large number of advanced production equipment and professional testing equipment, and has steadily increased the budget of cutting-edge equipment, and introduced new equipment as the company's long-term development requirements.
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    Highly intelligent production lines​
    On the 6000 square meter epoxy floor, our company has several highly intelligent production lines. Including the placement of the placement machine imported from abroad, it can undertake orders for patch processing from all over the country. There are high-power power production assembly lines, which can manufacture and produce all kinds of DC power supplies, AC power supplies and other industries. There are also professional inverter production and debugging production lines, which can manufacture inverters of various specifications in batches and supply domestic and foreign buyers and users. At the same time, our design and development team can also undertake customized services from around the world to provide you with quality customized solutions.
With reference to the industry standards of IOS quality management, our company has established a strict quality control management system. The technical team conducts sample design and production, and the corresponding measurement parameters are required. The production line needs to provide routine test reports for small batch manufacturing tests. The quality inspection department conducts deep data testing, high-intensity environmental testing, and running tests under extreme conditions. After that, the quality inspection department will issue corresponding data reports. Each product of our company has an independent "identity" label, which meticulously records all the data from design to delivery, and our quality control is accurate to the specific link, and strives to produce only fine products.

We will provide you with comprehensive solutions for power applications, including DC power supply, power inverter, AC power,frequency power and solar photovoltaic systems, vehicle inverter and so on, covering road transportation, power communication, petroleum mineral exploration ,sewage treatment, LED drivers, new energy photovoltaic , medical finance, fire safety , security monitoringand and other industries.




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